Kim Kardashian Suck it Stalker! You Can't Beat My Security

9/29/2014 7:15 AM PDT

Kim Kardashian -- Suck It Stalker! You Can't Beat My Security


Kim Kardashian was ready for an encore performance from the dude who almost knocked her to the ground during a Paris Fashion Show event ... the guy tried again and this time he FAILED.

Kim and Kanye West were having dinner at Hotel Costes in Paree at 6:00 PM -- a sign of age, right? -- when her security team eyeballed Vitalii Sediuk ... the guy who tackled her Thursday.

This time Kim and Kanye's beefed up security team jumped into action, surrounding him and keeping him far from his target. By the time they let him go, Kim and Kanye were long gone.

Vitalii is still on the loose ... he didn't commit a crime so there was nothing that could be done to him. As we first reported he wasn't arrested by Paris police after the fashion show attack, because cops say it was a stupid, nothing offense and they had better things to do.

We spoke with Vitalii ... and Sediuk claims he never had any contact with Kim's security.