Donald Trump Teaches Miss Pennsylvania A MILLION DOLLAR Lesson

10/8/2014 12:40 AM PDT

Donald Trump Teaches Miss Pennsylvania a MILLION DOLLAR Lesson


The woman who lost a defamation lawsuit to Donald Trump has just anted up more than A MILLION BUCKS ... which makes Donald not that much richer.

It's pretty shocking ... Sheena Monnin -- the former Miss Pennsylvania who lost the Miss USA pageant -- was socked with a $5 million judgment for falsely claiming the contest was rigged. She had said she saw a list of the top 5 before the judges even picked the finalists.

Sheena was royally pissed off because she claims for a variety of reasons her lawyer committed malpractice, so she sued him and settled for somewhere north of a million bucks. We're told Sheena struck a deal to settle up with Donald for more than a million bucks.  

So Donald made his point and got some loot … apparently Sheena got to keep some of the dough she got from her lawyer, and someone else is Miss USA.