Columbus Short's New GF He Doesn't Scare Me ... I Am His Queen!

10/17/2014 12:20 AM PDT

Columbus Short's New Girlfriend -- He Doesn't Scare Me ... I Am His Queen!


Columbus Short has a new lady in his life who says she doesn't give a damn about his violent past -- and she's not scared because with her ... he's totally submissive.

Columbus's new GF Rashida Russel says they met while he was in Barbados, and the romance continued once they got back to the States (where he was wanted, by the way).

Short is still not divorced from the estranged wife he allegedly threatened to kill -- but his new lady says he's never been abusive, and adds ... "He treats me like a queen!"

He even moved her from NY to ATL where he now lives.

Russell says she's helping to keep Columbus focused while he works on recording music ... by remembering all of his calendar appointments and appearances. Sounds more like an assistant, but hey ... whatever works.