Umami Burger Founder My Marriage Is Well ... Done

12/9/2014 8:24 AM PST

Umami Burger Founder -- My Marriage is Well ... Done

The wife of Umami Burger founder, Adam Fleischman would like a single to go ... with a side of cheddar, or in legal terms -- she's filed for divorce and wants spousal support too.

Adam's wife Shanna Fleischman filed divorce docs in L.A. County last month, but they separated back in April ... 10 days shy of their 10th anniversary.

The couple have 2 kids who are both minors ... and Shanna's asking for joint legal and physical custody.

It's unclear how much Umami beef is up for grabs in the split. Adam is still CEO of the company which launched in 2009. According to the docs, the exact amount of their community assets is "unknown" at this point.

Their marriage is survived by 24 locations serving juicy burgers ... with really pretentious toppings.