Romeo Yeah, Wayne & Master P Are a Thing ... But You Gotta See My Hot GF!

1/20/2015 9:12 AM PST

Romeo -- Yeah, Lil Wayne & Master P Are a Thing ... But Check Out My Hot Girlfriend


We tried to get to the bottom of Lil Wayne's partnership with Master P by talking to P's son Romeo ... but when Romeo ducked the question, our photog was too distracted by the blonde on his arm to notice. 

Romeo and his girl were out at Wax Rabbit in West Hollywood on Monday night when we tried to talk about Lil Wayne perhaps joining No Limit Records. But Romeo only talks about the song Wayne and P just did ... which really wasn't what we asked.  

But our photog never notices ... perhaps because he was fixated on Toneata Morgan ... Romeo's girl whose Instagram profile reads, "A college girl on the journey of becoming Miss USA."

Watch the clip -- something at the end makes us think he's serious about Toneata.

Well done, Romeo. Well done.