Mel Gibson In Malibu Car Crash Mel Says Victim's Out for Blood

2/13/2015 12:50 AM PST

Mel Gibson in Malibu Car Crash -- Mel Says Victim's Out for Blood


Mel Gibson plowed into a parked car in Malibu right after XMAS ... and he says the victim is now hounding him for thousands of dollars she doesn't deserve simply because he's a rich celebrity.

Our Malibu sources say Mel was driving somewhere near his home in the evening when he hit the parked car. We're told the damage was severe enough that he had to call someone to come over and extricate him from the vehicle. Once out, Mel left a note on the 13-year-old car with his contact info -- including his phone number -- and left.

We're told Mel's insurance company cut a check for the repairs, a rental car and other expenses and sent it to the other driver, but she started calling and texting him that she wanted more. Our Mel sources say she demanded more cash and a new car.

We're told the woman began contacting Mel incessantly, trying to squeeze him and he finally threatened to sic his lawyers on her for harassing him. On her part, the woman has threatened to sue him.  

The matter has not been resolved.

You'll recall, Mel was arrested for DUI back in 2006. As for this incident, we asked his people if alcohol was involved. They said, "absolutely not."