Pam to Rick Get Your Daughters and Dog Out of My House!

2/17/2015 10:35 AM PST

Pam Anderson to Rick Salomon -- Get Your Daughters and Dog Out of My House!


Pam Anderson is on a tear, ordering her husband's daughters and their dog to get the hell out of her house ... this according to sources close to Rick Salomon

As we reported, Pam filed for divorce last week, and it's not the first time. She filed for divorce in July but then withdrew the petition. And she was married to Salomon in 2007 but got it annulled 2 months later.

We're told Rick is working in Vegas and Pam called him Monday and demanded that his 2 daughters -- ages 18 and 16 -- get out immediately. She also wanted Bumblebee the Rottweiler removed STAT.

Rick begged Pam to give them a week or 2 until they could find a new place, but she refused.

The daughters, Hunter and Tyson, are from a previous marriage to E.G. Daily

Pam's rep had no comment.