Patrick Schwarzenegger Party in the C.A.B.O. And That's Not Miley Cyrus!!!

3/16/2015 10:21 AM PDT

Patrick Schwarzenegger -- Party in the C.A.B.O. ... And That Ain't Miley! (PHOTOS)


10:40 AM PT -- Patrick didn't do Miley dirty ... he says the chick is just a friend. Moments after we posted the pics, he tweeted, "Omg. It's one of my best friends girlfriend" -- and added, he would never step out on his GF. Patrick Schwarzenegger might be taking a wrecking ball to his relationship with Miley Cyrus ... as he got very close with some OTHER chick in Cabo this weekend.

The timing of this is pretty odd ... considering Patrick and Miley just went out to dinner last week with Patrick's mother, Maria Shriver.

It's also possible this girl is just a friend ... though "friends" don't usually do body shots off one another.

Then again, when Miley is your girlfriend, something like this is probably no big deal.

Patrick seemed pretty chill about everything in this Instagram shot.