Kristen Schaal I'll Tell You Where All the Bodies Are On 'Last Man on Earth'

5/14/2015 8:37 AM PDT

'Last Man On Earth' Star Kristen Schaal -- I'll Tell You Where All the Dead Bodies Are!!


For all you ‘Last Man On Earth’ fans out there (hi!), Kristen Schaal answers that one lingering question on everyone’s mind: “What the hell happened to all the bodies?”

Unlike other post-apocalyptic shows out there, the quirky FOX comedy follows what is presumably the only few sole survivors of a deadly virus outbreak -- but somehow there are ZERO decaying corpses lying around!

So, when we got Kristen at LAX ... she finally offered an explanation -- and while she was at it, addressed a few cliffhangers (spoiler alert if you're binge watching). But we ain't buying her explanation for staying in Tucson so damn long!

Sadly, no tips on cleaning a toilet pool. Next time, Kristen.