Kellan Lutz Ultimate Prom Date ... But No Prom King

6/8/2015 9:57 AM PDT

Kellan Lutz - Ultimate Prom Date ... But No Prom King

Kellan Lutz is a giver ... and he gave one high school senior the "best night of her life" after he took her to prom over the weekend in New Jersey.

Lutz, 30, went all out. He picked up 18-year-old Brianna Siciliano in a Bentley, strapped on a boutonniere and even posed for those token awkward prom pics before heading over to the Monroe Township High School prom.  

The two reportedly struck up a friendship after Siciliano reached out to Kellan on social media because she was being bullied at school. Recently, her friends launched a social media campaign to get the "Bullseye" host to be her prom date.

It all worked out, since Kellan was in NY shooting a movie. 

They didn’t win prom king and queen, but looks like they had a blast. As for the almost 15 year age gap -- typical Hollywood couple.