Richie Sambora You & Your Ex Stiffed Us ... Ex-Employees Sue

7/11/2015 12:20 AM PDT

Richie Sambora -- You and Your Ex-Girlfriend Stiffed Us ... Ex-Employees Sue


Richie Sambora and his ex-girlfriend better put their own court battle on the back burner -- they both got slapped with lawsuits from former employees who say their paychecks were a little light.

Bon Jovi's old guitarist and Nikki Lund allegedly stiffed the workers to the tune of $5,000 and $6,775, respectively ... when they punched in for Nikki Rich -- Lund and Sambora's clothing company.

The company's also at the heart of Sambora's extortion lawsuit against Lund -- he claims she falsely accused him of making death threats ... because he pulled out of their biz.

The good news for the exes -- the former employees are suing in small claims court -- which means this whole mess could be handled in ... "The People's Court."

You know Judge Milian would eat this up!