Chanel West Coast My Hallo-Meme Costume ... Is Dork-tastic!

10/21/2015 4:33 PM PDT

Chanel West Coast's Hallo-Meme Costume Is Dork-tastic!


Chanel West Coast is using the meme that mocks her resemblance to a "Boy Meets World" dork as inspiration for her epic Halloween costume.

The meme went viral this summer -- claiming CWC is a dead ringer for Minkus from the TV show -- and it seems she got a kick out of it too.

We got Chanel Wednesday outside Nasty Gal in West Hollywood, and she explained how she's turning the tables on her haters. It should be an easy get-up to put together:

-  1 pair of nerd glasses
-  1 white collared shirt
-  1 pair of dockers
-  and 1 bowl for that haircut

Don't worry, Chanel ... it'll grow back.