Perry Ellis President Sued My Boss Is a Racist & a Homophobe

10/21/2015 11:45 AM PDT

Perry Ellis President Sued Over Racist & Homophobic Accusations


Perry Ellis President and COO Oscar Feldenkreis is getting dressed down in a lawsuit from a high ranking employee who says the honcho has strict rules ... about blacks and gays. 

Joseph Cook, an openly gay senior executive for the clothing company, says Feldenkreis offended him several times. He says when it came to advertisements, Oscar demanded there were "no blacks" or "anyone who looked too gay" pictured.

On another occasion, Cook says he was summoned for jury duty and Feldenkreis told him he could avoid it by "telling them you hate ni**ers and f*gs."

Cook is asking for an unspecified amount of cash.

We reached out to Perry Ellis for comment ... so far, no word back.