Dance Moms Nasty Lawsuits Settled With Brand New Floors!!

10/29/2015 5:12 PM PDT

Dance Moms' Nasty Lawsuit Settled With Some New Floors


Abby Lee Miller and Kelly Hyland have finally buried the hatchet in their "Dance Moms" lawsuits ... and all it cost the show's production company was some floor repairs. 

The case was settled last week in L.A. and according to court docs, Kelly agreed to drop her lawsuits against Abby and Collins Ave Entertainment. "Dance Moms" can still use Kelly and her daughter's image in show reruns ... for a price. 

As part of the deal, Collins Ent. has to pay $17,500 to replace the floors in Hyland's home that she claims were damaged during production. The two sides must also keep up a friendly front.

TMZ broke the story -- Hyland sued Abby twice last year -- once for a brawl during a NY taping of the show and the other for causing emotional stress on her 13-year-old daughter.