Jared Fogle Facing Serious Temptations ... Behind Bars

11/21/2015 1:00 AM PST

Jared Fogle: Facing Serious Temptations Behind Bars


Jared Fogle's famous weight loss is in serious jeopardy because he's about to have access to a ton of fatty foods until he ships off to a federal pen.

Jared's temporary home is Henderson County Detention Center in Kentucky, and we've learned he, and all the inmates there, can order some serious care packages filled with things like:

-- Triple bacon burger deluxe

-- Pizza and wing party pack

-- Meat lovers or BBQ chicken pizza

-- Tons of candy, chips, snacks, and sodas

During sentencing, Jared's attorney floated the theory his sexual compulsion started after his Subway diet squashed his compulsive eating problem.

So, welcome back to the danger zone, Jared's waistline ... and other body parts.