'The Endless Summer' Lawsuit We're Gonna Wipe that Lipstick Off Your Copycat Face!

12/6/2015 12:30 AM PST

'The Endless Summer' Lawsuit: We're Gonna Wipe That Lipstick Off Your Copycat Face!


"The Endless Summer" boasts one of the most iconic movie posters in cinematic history, which is why producers are so pissed off at a lipstick company they say flagrantly ripped them off.

Producers are suing Lipstick Queen, claiming the company's "Endless Summer" lipstick line shamelessly copied off the colorful poster.

There are lots of gripes. Producers are indignant the gloss bares the name of the movie, but if that's not enough the individual lipstick names are like rubbing salt in the wound ... "Hang Ten," "Stoked" and "Perfect Wave." "In Search of The Perfect Wave" was a slogan for the '66 classic flick.

Producers want the judge to force Lipstick Queen to stop all sales STAT, destroy any remaining products. They also want all the profits.