Justin Bieber Here's What You Get for $25k a Night

12/11/2015 12:50 AM PST

Justin Bieber: Here's What You Get for $25k a Night


The Biebs threw down $50,000 for 2 nights in the 23,000 square foot Villa Casa Casuarina in Miami (formerly the Versace Mansion) for him and his insanely lucky entourage.

The mansion is straight outta fairy tales with a 54-foot swimming pool lined in 24-carat gold. Every bedroom is connected to an Italian marble bathroom. Fret not when you sleep, because your body will melt in Egyptian cotton linens -- probably 24,000 thread count. 

Bieb's bedroom suite is the one reserved for Donatella Versace, with a double king size bed -- enough to hold Bieber and, well, a dozen of anybody else he wants in there. 

WWJBD just replaced the WWJD bracelet people used to wear. Long live the Biebs.