Shirtless Chicago Jogger I'm Like Tim Tebow ... But Attainable

12/14/2015 1:05 PM PST

Shirtless Chicago Jogger: I'm Like Tim Tebow ... But Attainable


That shirtless jogger who went viral because he's hot and looking for love, has something more than just great looks to offer -- he's a 24-year-old virgin.

Ethan Renoe tells TMZ he's been single since 2008, but all that's likely to change since he's been hit up by a couple thousand women after WGN posted the clip of Ethan for a run Sunday in Chicago in the rain ... without a shirt. As he explained, it was just too wet for a top. 

Now the recent grad of Moody Bible Institute is getting flooded with offers. Ethan says he's serious about finding himself a woman, but says he's still going to wait for his honeymoon to tear up his v-card.

As for the rest of his dating profile -- Ethan's into photography, personal training, nannying, construction, teaching and, of course ... running topless in the rain.