'Love Boat' Star Desperate for Cash in Divorce

1/7/2016 11:09 AM PST

'Love Boat' Star Desperate for Cash in Divorce


Jill Whelan, who hit it big played Capt. Stubing's daughter on "Love Boat," has fallen on hard times ... she's getting divorced and has no source of income to support herself.

Whelan, who also hilariously played the little girl with the IV tube in "Airplane!" is in the middle of a divorce and filed legal docs showing she's basically broke -- $5k in assets.

Jill married Michael Chaykowsky and moved to New Jersey in 2004. She says he pulls in $126k a year and lives in the lap of luxury in a 10 bedroom mansion on 14 acres.  

For her part, Jill just started a podcast but is not making any money. The 49-year-old actress acknowledges the opportunities for an actress her age are few and far between.

She's asking for spousal support for herself and child support for their 10-year-old son.