'Ellen' Dance Dare Contestant Scores Settlement In Dance Confrontation Lawsuit

1/13/2016 7:46 AM PST

'Ellen' Dance Dare Contestant Scores Settlement in Dance Confrontation Lawsuit


The man who was taken down by the NYPD while trying to win an 'Ellen' dance contest has just settled his brutality case with the city ... and he wound up with tens of thousands of dollars.

Alexander BOK took up Ellen's challenge in Times Square on Christmas Eve, 2014 ... furiously dancing behind some NYPD cops. You see in the video cops questioning him and as he walks away he gets thrown to the ground.

Although BOK unwisely decided to prank the cops 4 days after 2 of their fellow officers were assassinated, the NYPD opened an internal investigation. BOK also sued the city for $5 million.

Sources familiar with the case tell us the case has now settled for $33,000.

BOK's lawyer says the police review board found multiple officers acted improperly.

We reached out to the NYPD ... so far, no comment.