Bristol Palin to Dakota Meyer You're the Daddy ... But I Get the Baby

2/21/2016 12:50 AM PST

Bristol Palin to Dakota Meyer: You're the Daddy ... But I Get the Baby


Bristol Palin has just released her inner grizzly in her custody battle with baby daddy Dakota Meyer ... by insisting their newborn is better off staying in Alaska with her.

Dakota's DNA is a match with 2-month-old Sailor Grace, according to legal docs, but Bristol's still pushing back on his bid for joint custody. The problem ... she lives in Alaska and he's in Kentucky.

Bristol wants primary physical custody. She's ok if Dakota gets visitation, but that's it.

As for legal custody -- the right to make decisions for their kid -- she wants final say if there's a disagreement.

Bristol also wants child support ... he's already filed legal docs saying he's willing to pay ... though not necessarily as much as she wants.

Somewhere in the distance ... Levi Johnston is laughing ... and warning.