'House of Cards' Sued Get Our Name Off Your Slots!

3/7/2016 7:25 AM PST

'House of Cards' Sued: Get Our Name Off Your Slots!

A Massachusetts company could hit the jackpot on the "House of Cards" casino game ... and it won't even have to pull a lever.   

The Netflix show's production company, Media Rights Capital, is being sued by a company called D2.

According to legal docs ... D2 has owned the rights to the "House of Cards" mark for use in gaming since 2009, when it registered the phrase for a radio show of the same name.

The company also obtained the rights to have "House of Cards" slapped on hats, t-shirts and bumper stickers long before the drama debuted on Netflix in 2013. 

D2 claims MRC even attempted to register the mark themselves but were denied  since D2 already had it ... but nevertheless went forward with selling merch with "House of Cards" stamped all over it.

D2 says MRC even took it a step further when they licensed "House of Cards" -- which D2 says it owns -- to gaming giant IGT to make two slot machines -- "House of Cards Power and Money" and "House of Cards Welcome to Washington" that were installed in casinos. 

D2 wants to put a stop to the slot machines and is looking to score damages.