Dina Lohan Get On It, Lindsay ... I Want Russian Grandbabies

3/13/2016 12:50 AM PST

Dina Lohan: Get On It, Lindsay ... I Want Russian Grandbabies


Lindsay Lohan's new boyfriend is so in with the fam, Dina Lohan is putting the word out ... she hopes he knocks up her daughter.

TMZ broke the story ... Lindsay's fallen for young Russian Egor Tarabasov ... a rich real estate developer who got to hang with the Lohan clan over the Christmas holiday. He and LiLo posed for pics with her bro, Dakota, and his gf ... and also with Michael Jr.

But it's Dina who's really smitten with Egor. Our Lohan sources tell us she's been telling friends she's anxious for grandkids and thinks Egor's a perfect candidate for fatherhood.

We're told the family's glad Lindsay's finally with someone reliable and not in show biz. If he gets into the baby making biz ... DiLo will have one less thing to bitch about.