'Fast & Furious 8' Horse Killed By Flying 'Iceberg'

3/14/2016 1:19 PM PDT

'Fast & Furious 8': Horse Killed By Flying 'Iceberg'

Exclusive Details

A horse went down like the Titanic near the "Fast 8" set in Iceland after gale force winds sent a fake iceberg flying into a paddock where the animal was grazing. 

Local police tell us the horse, named Jupiter, had to be euthanized. Strong winds sent a portion of a plastic iceberg -- a set piece for the movie -- flying and it struck the horse, breaking its leg. Another horse was also injured but is expected to recover.

Neither was involved in the production -- just a case of wrong time and place. 

We're told production called the horse owner and broke the news but said insurance would cover the cost of the horse and fence repair.

R.I.P. Jupiter.