'Fast & Furious' Director Justin Lin Finds Buyer For $5.5M L.A. Penthouse

'Fast & Furious' director Justin Lin just got several million dollars richer ... cause he's found a buyer for his penthouse condo in the heart of Los Angeles.

Real estate sources tell TMZ ... Justin Lin accepted an offer on the condo this week, and the price tag is definitely a come-up from the $2.6 mil he paid back in 2012.

Justin was using the 3-level penthouse as an office for his production company, Perfect Storm Entertainment over the past few years ... and, the third floor was used as a small apartment.

From the looks of it, the new owner is gonna enjoy some pretty amazing views of downtown L.A., along with some cool features ... including a 24-hour concierge, a newly remodeled gym, swimming pool and a rooftop that's fully decked out!

It's really done up ... exposed brick with an industrial feel. Very cool.

Although he recently stepped away as director of 'Fast & Furious 10' -- slated for a May 2023 release -- Lin has a busy schedule, so selling this place is one less thing to worry about!

Justin Lin was able to find a buyer with the help of his brother Jimmy Lin, who held the listing ... along with Compass agents Justin Alexander and Tab Howard.

Ludacris I'm Movin' On Up ... Buys Private Jet Graduation Gift!!!

Ludacris is locking up this year's award for biggest ballin' college graduate -- he's got himself a new private jet just to celebrate his recent degree from Georgia State.

Luda's showing off his shiny new purchase -- a PJ he's planning to use for family vacays, and other trips, we're sure.

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He posted the flying flex with the caption #FamilyUpgrade ... a perfect caption, considering his 4th daughter's birth last year.

As we reported, the rapper/actor just received an honorary degree in Music Management from GSU, and he's not even trying to hide how happy he is about his graduation gift.

Once he stepped on board, Luda was belting out "The Jeffersons" theme song. Ya can't deny he's "movin' on up" ... to about 30,000 feet.

The spacious new jet towers over his last plane, which was a Hawker 700, reportedly worth around $20 million.

If you didn't know, Luda took his love for flying to the next level last year by getting his pilot license.

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It's no secret Luda's 'Fast & Furious' character Tej Parker is a vehicle whiz who soared through the air in the last blockbuster film -- and it looks like he's ready to do his own aerial stunts!!!

Jason Momoa Goin' Hog Wild in Rome!!! ... For 'F&F10'


Jason Momoa is itching to play the villain in "Fast & Furious 10" ... practicing stunts on a chopper and showing off some serious muscle in the process.

Jason jumped on a hog that was attached to a camera and rode up a set of stairs in Rome. When he got to the top he strolled back down, removing his jacket ... revealing a tank top partially covering the endless muscle.

Jason's the newest addition to the 'F&F' franchise. It's a good time to be part of the franchise because the 9th installment last year did super well ... raking in $721 million worldwide.

The franchise has an insane list of stars, including Vin Diesel, Charlize Theron, John Cena and Idris Elba.

The flick hits theaters a year from this month. With Jason as the villain, it's gonna be worth waiting for.

Ludacris Gets Honorary Degree at Georgia State U.!!!

Ludacris is officially a Panther for life -- he just got some southern hospitality at his alma mater Georgia State University: an honorary degree in Bachelor of Science in Music Management!

The 'Fast & Furious' legend addressed more than 800 master’s degree graduates on Wednesday to kick off the school's Commencement Week.

Despite attending GSU for a couple of years, Ludacris isn't your average college dropout. He actually left the Music Management program in the mid-90s ... because he signed a record deal with Def Jam Records and released his 2000 breakout single "What's Your Fantasy."

The rest is hip hop history. Luda would go on to release several multi-platinum albums and become a staple in Hollywood (including the aforementioned multi-billion Fast & Furious' franchise) and a happily married father of four.

Georgia State University

Still, with all his success, Luda was clear to let the graduates know his heart never left the campus and signing to Def Jam was a "once-in-a-lifetime" opportunity.

He saluted GSU for not only having its first African-American President in nearly a century, but also for graduating more African-Americans than any other university in America!

Congratulations to everyone ... time to celebrate with chicken and beer!

Paul Walker Zak Bagans Buys Sunglasses From Crash Site ... Wants To Return To Family

Paul Walker's sunglasses from his fatal car crash are changing hands ... and Zak Bagans wants to get them back to the late actor's family.

The "Ghost Adventures" star tells TMZ ... earlier this year he bought the infamous pair of Maui Jim sunglasses recovered from Paul's crash site, but he doesn't feel comfortable displaying them at his Haunted Museum in Las Vegas.

Instead, Zak tells us he'd like to return the shades, worn by Paul at the time of the crash, to the Walker family for free ... and he's planning to reach out to the family directly.

You'll recall ... Paul died in a fiery car crash back in November 2013 and there was a ton of outrage when the sunglasses went up for auction in 2014 for $15,000. A man who was at the crash site allegedly found them in the bushes once the wreckage was cleared.

The man who found the glasses says shortly after the crash he tried getting in touch with Paul's family but never heard back. He then put the sunglasses up for auction, but after lots of backlash ... they never sold. The owner of the auction reached out to Zak earlier this year and Zak bought them from him.

If for some reason the Walkers don't want the sunglasses, Zak says he would seek the family's permission to display them in a new memorial exhibit at his museum.

Zak's already displaying different artifacts connected to dead celebs ... including a piece of the James Dean death car, Sharon Tate's wedding dress and a Patrick Swayze tooth ... but he says he would create a special display just for Paul, if it gets to that point.

Stay tuned ...

Vin Diesel Calls on The Rock ... Help Us Finish Out 'Fast' Franchise!!!

Vin Diesel seems ready to put his differences with The Rock aside -- all in the name of putting a bowtie on his baby ... namely, capping off the 'Fast & Furious' franchise.

The actor sent an open message to Dwayne on IG, posting a photo of the two of them in character from one of their 'Fast' flicks and extending an olive branch of sorts -- inviting DJ back to installment number 10, which Vin sees as crucial to putting this thing to bed.

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VD writes, "My little brother Dwayne... the time has come. The world awaits the finale of Fast 10. As you know, my children refer to you as Uncle Dwayne in my house. There is not a holiday that goes by that they and you don’t send well wishes... but the time has come. Legacy awaits."

He adds, "I told you years ago that I was going to fulfill my promise to Pablo. I swore that we would reach and manifest the best Fast in the finale that is 10! I say this out of love but you must show up, do not leave the franchise idle you have a very important role to play. Hobbs can’t be played by no other. I hope that you rise to the occasion and fulfill your destiny."

It's interesting ... Vin is inviting him back, but didn't even tag The Rock or anything, which is strange because the dude is very online ... and tends to respond to stuff in a flash.

Dwayne doesn't appear to have responded just yet -- and perhaps some of this is being worked out behind the scenes, out of public view -- but ya gotta figure if he does agree to do it ... he'll do it in grandiose fashion, like most everything he does on social media.

Of course, there's no guarantee Dwayne will even be down to sign on -- because, as you probably know, they have beef ... which we thought was over and done with, but was reignited earlier this year with new comments from Vin -- and Dwayne responded.

Vin addressed the feud to Men's Health over the summer, saying he was giving The Rock a lot of "tough love" when he first started in the 'Fast' franchise ... and DJ told THR that made him "laugh hard," while going on to wish Vin and co. well on the rest of franchise.

Dwayne hasn't been in a 'Fast'-related movie since 2019, when he starred as as Agent Hobbs in the spinoff, 'Hobbs & Shaw.' Before that, he was in 4 different 'Fast' films.

If the final installment does, indeed, need Hobbs to finish it on a high note like Vin says here ... we'll see if Dwayne obliges. After all, he is a pretty nice guy. Let bygones be bygones???

Paul Walker Daughter Meadow Gets Married

Paul Walker's daughter just got hitched ... and, of course, his good pal, Vin Diesel, was there to walk her down the aisle.

Meadow Walker posted videos Friday from her wedding, and it looks like it was a beautiful ceremony somewhere on the oceanside.

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Meadow's new husband is actor Louis Thornton-Allan ... and their marriage comes just a few months after they announced their engagement.

Vin always said he and Paul became family working together on the 'Fast and Furious' franchise ... plus, he's Meadow's godfather, so it makes sense he'd be front-and-center for her big day.

TMZ broke the story when Paul died in a fiery 2013 car accident. He was 40 years old and Meadow was just 15 at the time. She's 22 now, and working as a fashion model.

This is Meadow's first marriage -- she and Louis just went public with their relationship in July. Considering the tragedy she's endured, you can understand why they didn't waste time with a long engagement.


Britney Spears BF Says She'll Be Back On Stage Soon ... Well, Hopefully!!!


Britney Spears' boyfriend is as hopeful as her fans she'll return to performing, and seems to think it could happen soon ... but admittedly he's got his fingers metaphorically crossed.

Sam Asghari was leaving an intense and sweaty workout at Bas Rutten's Elite MMA Gym in L.A. Wednesday when he blurted out something that could send Brit's followers into a tizzy ... claiming she'll "absolutely" take the stage again soon.

His absolute statement was quickly followed up with a mumbled "hopefully" -- so it doesn't sound like there's any solid plan in place just yet.

As for recent developments in Britney's conservatorship case -- like her father Jamie agreeing to step down -- Sam has another brief response ... with some added muscle.

Speaking of which, Sam makes a quick pitch to the producers of 'Fast & Furious 10' for a role and he's certainly taking his acting and fitness goals seriously.


He's been on a hot streak this year -- with appearances on shows like "Hacks" and "Black Monday" -- so don't count him out ... as long as he continues to avoid those ice cream sundaes.

Paul Walker Toyota Supra Driven in 'F&F' Fetches $550k at Auction!!!

Paul Walker's supped-up Toyota Supra that he drove in "The Fast and the Furious" has gone to one super-charged fan ... who snagged the fast whip at an auction for $550k.

The 1994 car was auctioned off in Las Vegas this weekend ... and the winning bid came from a phone bidder for Brian O'Conner's original 10-second car. The Supra's auction had been one of the most anticipated ones in recent memory.

'F&F' fans know this car all too well -- it's the one he fixed up before smoking a Ferrari while racing down PCH in Malibu.

The car was also featured in the second installment ... 2003's "2 Fast 2 Furious." The new owner will get all the extensive documentation of the car's origin plus a certificate of authenticity. BTW, the car was built at The Shark Shop in El Segundo, CA.

Under the hood, the Supra's got what's billed as "perhaps the most renowned engine to ever come from Japan" -- the 2JZ-GTE. Remember ... Dominic Toretto's crew guy, Jesse, famously said in the first installment "2JZ engine ... this will decimate all."

As we reported ... the late actor's baby brother, Cody Walker, wouldn't even venture to guess what this car would go for at auction ... but he knew it would rake in some serious cash. And, he was right.

He also told us he thinks Paul would have thought the auction itself for a car like this is kind of hilarious.

Walker's Wild Whip

Cody was in middle school when the OG 'F&F' film came out ... and he said folks stop him all the time to tell him his bro is what got them into loving fast cars. There's a legion of 'F&F' fans that have grown exponentially thanks to the enormous success of the franchise.

Clearly ... who drops half a mil for a Toyota?!

Paul Walker's Brother 'Fast and Furious' & Vin ... They're Still Doing Right By Paul

Walker's Wild Whip

Paul Walker's brother says Vin Diesel and the rest of the 'Fast and the Furious' family made the right move letting his character ride off into the sunset ... and he thinks Paul would get a kick out of where the franchise is these days.

We got Cody Walker at Sancho's Tacos in Huntington Beach and asked how he feels about the way 'F&F' has honored his bro's legacy with the 9th installment about to hit theaters.

Cody says Vin and co. have done a really good job of tastefully paying tribute to Paul's character, Brian O'Conner, and he thinks Paul would have never imagined the franchise going this far.

As you know ... Paul died in a fiery wreck in November 2013. The crash didn't happen on the set, but he was in the middle of filming "Furious 7" at the time. The script for the 8th installment referred to Paul's character a few times.

It's pretty cool ... Cody says he was in middle school when the OG 'F&F' came out, and his brother's movie is what Cody credits for his own love of cars. He says folks stop him in the street all the time to tell him Paul is the reason they love cars, and he always has the same response ... "Me too!!!"

We also asked Cody about one of the original movie cars -- Paul's orange 1994 Toyota Supra -- going up for auction later this month. Cody's anticipating a huge figure for the winning bid, and he tells us why Paul would think the whole sale is hilarious.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Speaking of fast cars ... Cody's FuelFest is coming to Los Angeles later this month, right before the movie release, featuring some of the top custom, exotic, rare and exclusive cars from all over the world ... along with live music, drifting and drag racing.

You know Paul woulda loved that too.

Vin Diesel's Son Chip Off the Old Block ... Joins 'F&F' Franchise for #9!!!

When the "Fast & Furious" franchise revs up its engines again for the 9th installment, you might notice a familiar, but much younger-looking face ... because it's Vin Diesel's kid!!!

Vin's 10-year-old son, Vincent Sinclair, will be making his big-screen debut this summer in 'F&F9' ... as the younger version of Vin's character, Dominic Toretto.

According to docs, obtained by TMZ ... lil Vin's playing the role of Younger Dom and actually filmed his scenes way back in late 2019 when he was a budding 9-year-old Thespian.

It's unclear how much screen time Vin's boy will get, but his minor's contract says he got paid a daily rate of $1,005. Not bad take-home for a kid who, let's be honest, probably woulda done it for a pack of gum.

BTW -- there was a flashback to a younger Dominic already in 'Furious 7,' but the character was played by an actor named Alex McGee.

When 'F&F9' is released on June 25 ... the art will actually imitate life.

NFL Star Trent Williams IG Post Sparks Concern ... 125 MPH In Expensive Ferrari

FILE UNDER: Things you NEVER want to see your star left tackle do.

San Francisco 49ers star offensive lineman Trent Williams posted video on his IG story which appears to show him in the driver's seat pushing 125 MPH in a super-expensive Ferrari ... and it's concerning, to say the least.


The video is shot by the driver as the speedometer ticks upward from the 90s into a top speed of 125 -- and you can see the whip racing by other vehicles on the Freeway.

Obviously, the driver is smashing speed limits and endangering other drivers -- all while Lil Durk's "Fabricated" blasts in the background.

We reached out to Williams for comment but haven't heard back yet.

It's important to note, Williams recently posted a photo with what appears to be a 2019 Ferrari 488 Pista ... and the IG story video looks like the same car.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

FYI -- the thing is a rocket ship on wheels ... and usually sells for more than $400,000!!

Of course, we're pretty sure Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch ain't going to love seeing this ... especially after they traded draft picks to Washington to acquire the guy in April.

Also, remember NFL star Jason Pierre Paul got into a bad accident while behind the wheel of a Ferrari 488 Pista back in May 2019 ... suffering a neck injury that required major surgery.

Williams is a potential future Hall of Famer -- he's made seven Pro Bowls in nine seasons ... but sat out all of 2019 over a dispute with Washington because he says team docs misdiagnosed his cancer.

Williams is expected to be a huge piece of the Niners' offensive puzzle this season ... with players and coaches already raving over him at S.F.'s training camp this month.

Alabama's Henry Ruggs Will Run 4.20 40 At NFL Combine ... Teammate Says

John Ross' NFL combine record is in serious trouble this week ... 'cause Alabama star receiver Henry Ruggs WILL run a 4.20 40-yard dash in Indy -- so says his Tide teammate.

"Somewhere around that range," Alabama cornerback Trevon Diggs tells TMZ Sports. "That kid's fast!"


Of course, Ross currently holds the mark for quickest 40 time ever at the NFL's marquee pre-draft event ... logging a 4.22 back in 2017.

But Ruggs has a legit shot of breaking that mark when receivers run this week ... because during his time at 'Bama -- he FLEW by defenders on a regular basis.

"Ruggs is real fast," Diggs tells us. "He's going to run a real, real, real good time."

As for how that pure speed will translate to the NFL ... Diggs says he has no doubts the guy will be a stud -- saying his skill level is right on par with Tide superstar Jerry Jeudy's.

"He got good routes, he's fast, he's a playmaker as well," Diggs says. "Like, you get the ball in his hands, like, no one is going to catch him. Like, nobody."

But when it comes to which receiver gave him the most trouble during his 'Bama days ... ya gotta hear Diggs' answer -- 'cause it just might surprise you!!

Roman Reigns WWE or Acting?!? That's An Easy Answer!!!


Breath easy, WWE fans ... Roman Reigns ain't leaving wrestling for his budding acting career. At least not yet.

Roman joined "TMZ Live" Tuesday and dude couldn't looked more HYPED talking about his role on "Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw." If you've been living under a rock ... 'Hobbs & Shaw' is the first 'Furious' spin-off starring Roman's cousin, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Jason Statham.

It's Roman's first acting gig in Hollywood so naturally we had to ask -- if he had to choose, which route would he go, wrestling or Hollywood? The 34-year-old wrestler didn't skip a beat ... telling us he's got at LEAST 5 years left in the ring.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

'Hobbs & Shaw' has been highly anticipated for some time now and no doubt it has huge blockbuster potential with Friday's opening around the corner. But, does the film have enough horsepower to take down "The Lion King" and its MASSIVE $192 million opening weekend?

Roman's answer shows he's loyal, if nothing else.

Princess Love Not Leaving 'L&HH' ... Starring In Show's New Ad Campaign


Princess Love fans rejoice ... Ray J's wife is NOT leaving 'Love & Hip Hop' ... quite the opposite, actually, she's starring in the franchise's biggest ad campaign of the year!!!

Princess raised eyebrows a few weeks ago when, out of the blue, she announced she was leaving the reality show ... but we've learned she's not going anywhere.

Sources close to the famous couple tell TMZ ... Princess had an issue with the show's production schedule and producers, and that's why she threatened to leave 'L&HH' in the dust. In the end, cooler heads prevailed, and now she's front and center in a major show promo.

We've obtained video and photos of Princess Love and Ray J on set for a new crossover ad campaign between VH1, MTV and the upcoming 'Fast & Furious' movie ... and it's pretty awesome.

Princess and Ray J are starring alongside 'Jersey Shore' alums Pauly D and Vinny, who are promoting their new MTV show ... and the ads are gonna make it look like the reality stars are in the new blockbuster.

The couple's manager, David Weintraub, tells TMZ, "Starring in L&HH is a rollercoaster, when you ride that ride, there are days when you want to be in the show and some days you want to quit. Love always prevails and sometimes you just have to shoot it."

VH1 and MTV wanted their BIGGEST stars for the promos, and that's why Ray J and Princess Love were picked. Seems like it was enough to sweeten the pot and keep Princess rocking with 'L&HH.'

Tyrese Teams Up with Paul Walker's Bro For Epic UK Car Show


Tyrese is joining forces with Paul Walker's brother to put on an event that will have car enthusiasts -- and 'Fast & Furious' fans -- salivating ... and it's for a good cause too.

The 'F&F' star is the special guest at Cody Walker's FuelFest later this summer in the UK, which will feature some of the top custom, exotic, rare and exclusive cars from all over the world ... along with live music, art and more celebs.

We're told some of those celebs will be straight from the set of "Fast & Furious 9," which is scheduled to begin filming nearby in London during the fest.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

As you can see, Tyrese and Cody are stoked to launch the car show in Europe ... but Cody's still making some adjustments to the local scene ... mechanically speaking.

FuelFest just launched in Southern Cal in March, and after this UK event at the historic Warren Estate on August 11, it will head back to the U.S. for a show in Miami.

Tickets go on sale next week, and a portion of the proceeds will benefit Paul's charity -- Reach Out WorldWide -- an organization that helps provide aid to places hit by natural disasters.

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