Scott Weiland Sued For Shooting Up Tour Bus

4/26/2016 12:40 AM PDT

Scott Weiland Sued For Shooting Up Tour Bus


Scott Weiland took a tour bus on the road, and returned it $50,000 worse for wear ... according to the guy who's trying to get the money from the dead rocker's estate.

Daniel Smagacz says he rented the bus to Scott for 20 days in August 2013, but when he got the wheels back the interior walls had been shot up with a BB gun. Also, the electronics were toast. 

According to the lawsuit, Scott signed a contract holding himself responsible for the damages, which Smagacz says totaled $50k -- and he wants another $100k in punitive damages. 

Smagacz originally sued Scott in 2014, but now he's going after Weiland's estate to get the dough.