Charlie Sheen $40 Million Missing I'm Getting Screwed by 'Anger'

5/19/2016 1:00 AM PDT

Charlie Sheen: $40 Million Missing ... I'm Getting Screwed by 'Anger Management'


Charlie Sheen signed a sweet and lucrative deal to make millions upon millions off "Anger Management" ... but he's getting ZILCH out of it, and believes he's getting the runaround.

Sources close to Sheen tell us he hasn't gotten a single payment yet from his syndication deal for the FX sitcom ... even though he owns about 30 percent of the show. Charlie made 100 episodes of 'Anger' before production shut down, but the reruns are now being sold in syndication. We're told Sheen feels like he sees it airing "day and night" all over TV, so he's pissed he's not getting paid.

Charlie's saying execs have given him all kinds of excuses -- like the show ran over budget, "unforeseen costs" ... and haven't turned a profit yet. 

Sheen's not buying it and feels he should've already raked in between $30-$40 million. TV insiders think the total deal could ultimately earn him up to $200 mil.  

He's gathering his lawyers for a meeting next week, and we're told Sheen is seriously considering legal action.