Johnny Depp I Got Stockholm Syndrome ... With HOT Swedish Chicks!

6/3/2016 12:50 AM PDT

Johnny Depp: I Got Stockholm Syndrome ... with Hot Swedish Chicks!


Johnny Depp is very much pro-Sweden ... especially when it comes to the run-of-the-mill beautiful, blonde, fair-skinned citizens.

Johnny was super touchy-feely Monday when an Amber clone approached him in the lobby of the Grand Hotel in Stockholm. She's Desiree Nilsson, a 21-year-old fashion blogger.

Desiree's move was thwarted by a bodyguard, but she pressed her luck and J.D. noticed, which was all it took. Johnny waved her in and within no time he was holding her hand and touching her back.

Johnny had game left, so a few hours later he found his way to the hotel bar where Swedish model Andrea Jay was glued to his side in no time. 

Sweden ... it makes you feel good when your wife files for divorce