Rick Ross Risky Business at House Party

7/6/2016 10:11 AM PDT

Rick Ross: Risky Business at House Party


Rick Ross might have crossed a dangerous line over the weekend ... smoking what appears to be a joint while on out on bail. 

You see someone handing Rozay what sure looks like a joint at his Fourth of July party. Ross takes a puff and passes it. Ordinarily not a big deal, but Ross is out on bail in his kidnapping case and one of the conditions of his release is a promise he won't violate any laws.

Georgia's got some seriously strict pot laws ... medical marijuana cards only allow for cannabis oils and only with certain medical conditions, such as cancer.

A first time offender with less than an ounce faces a year in jail and a $1k fine.

If Ross violated his bail conditions, he could be thrown back in jail.