DJ Quik I'll Sue YG If I Don't Get My Plaque

8/8/2016 10:27 AM PDT

DJ Quik: I'll Sue YG If I Don't Get My Plaque!!!

DJ Quik has lawyered up against YG, Stampede Entertainment and Def Jam over what he's saying is his rightful claim to credit on YG's massive hit song, "My Hitta." 

DJ Quik tells TMZ he was instrumental in creating the track, but was omitted from the credits and hasn't seen a dime. The West Coast rap legend went on a Twitter rant Sunday calling out YG and his management team.

The song came out in 2013 and and has since gone double platinum. While the track was produced by DJ Mustard, Quik claims he served as the track's engineer, and even contributed vocals.

He says he didn't complain for a long time because he was constantly strung along ... promised he'd get the credit.

He also wants his platinum plaques.

YG's since responded ...