Kim Kardashian My Bling Was the Real Thing

10/7/2016 1:00 AM PDT

Kim Kardashian's Bling Was the Real Thing


Kim Kardashian is no faker ... we found out the stolen ring at the center of the Paris robbery really was as advertised ... insanely expensive.

Kim showed the ring off frequently, and seemed happy that media outlets were setting the value in the millions. After it was stolen, Paris authorities said it was worth $4.5 million. 

Sources familiar with the case tell us ... Kim has already submitted an insurance claim, setting the value of the ring at an even $4 million. 

The insurance docs describe the ring in detail ... a 20 carat emerald cut stone.

According to the docs, 13 items were taken, with a total value of $5.6 million ... significantly less than the reported $10 million or $11 million.