Wale Nightclub Fight Some 'Fat Guy' Cost Us Our Food ... Says Chick in Neon Jacket

10/7/2016 12:40 AM PDT

Wale Nightclub Fight Explained By Chick in Neon Jacket


One of the girls who squared off with Wale on the Sunset Strip now says the whole mess wasn't the rapper's fault ... instead, it was a random chunky dude who ended up costing her a late-night meal.

Bana Bongolan is the GF of the blonde chick who blew smoke in Wale's face outside Bootsy Bellows Tuesday night -- and she says the trouble started inside the club when a guy dissed her neon jacket, and she called him fat.

We all remember high school, right?

Anyway, Wale tried to break things up, got caught up in the drama -- and you saw what happened next in our video. A pissed off Wale slapped down the girls' leftovers. Bana told us what they lost on the sidewalk, and it's a tough L after a night of drinking.

Bana's story lines up with what Wale told us on "TMZ Live." She wants to make it clear though -- there was nothing racist about what went down ... and she loves her jacket.