Michel'le Not Sweating Dre's Legal Threat Movie Only Shows the Truth

10/12/2016 3:11 PM PDT

Michel'le's Not Sweating Dre's Legal Threat


R&B singer Michel'le and Lifetime refuse to change a frame of her upcoming TV movie ... despite Dr. Dre's threat to sue if it makes him look like a woman abuser.

"Surviving Compton: Dre, Suge & Michel'le" depicts the singer's past relationship with Dre -- they have a 25-year-old son together -- and includes her allegations of domestic violence. Michel'le came on "TMZ Live" Wednesday and basically told her ex to bring it on in court.

She insists Dre's cease and desist letter is an empty threat because she has the truth on her side.

Check out the clip, and in case you hadn't heard it before ... yes, that's her real speaking voice.