Katie May's Death Estate Warns Chiropractor ... Pay Us 7 Figures or Else

10/31/2016 12:40 AM PDT

Model Katie May's Estate Wants A Settlement From Chiropractor


Former Playboy model Katie May's estate is giving the chiropractor who caused her death 2 options -- fund her daughter's education or brace for a wrongful death lawsuit.  

Katie's estate says it's contacted the L.A. chiropractor who adjusted Katie's neck, accidentally tearing a major artery which the coroner says caused her death. The estate's powerhouse lawyer, Ronald Richards, tells us the coroner's finding -- first reported by TMZ, makes it clear the chiro needs to compensate Katie's heir ... her 7-year-old daughter.

Richards says he told the chiropractor he wants a settlement to avoid a lengthy, messy trial. He told us the estate is seeking something in the low 7 figures, and intends to use it to set up a college fund for Katie's little girl.

He agrees with the coroner's finding that the death was accidental, but adds ... when licensed professionals are negligent and cause death "there are some consequences."