Taylor Swift and Drake Tag Team Trolling

11/4/2016 6:56 AM PDT

Taylor Swift and Drake Troll Fans Over Dating Rumors

Drake and Taylor Swift are giving up music and going into soap opera writing, or they should ... based on the way they're pumping up the rumors about them banging.

Drake teased fans early Friday morning by posting a pic of himself and Taylor from behind, both dressed to the nines. At first glance it looks like they were a coupled up on the town last night.

Truth is the pic is from nearly 2 weeks ago at his 30th birthday bash. T-Swift also posted a pic of herself in the same outfit last week ... as the buzz was building that they hooked up at his party.

Our sources say all this is really just about them making music, but both of 'em are clearly playing this for all it's worth.   

Sign 'em up, Shonda Rhimes