Hillary Clinton & Donald Trump We're Going Heavy! Armored Forces Flexing at Election Parties

11/7/2016 12:15 PM PST

NYPD Armored Forces on Display at Hillary Clinton & Donald Trump Election Parties

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Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump's parties will be protected by a small army come election night.

Cops with heavy artillery are patrolling the area on the eve of election day -- with scores of muscle handling security at Hilton Midtown for Trump's party and also at the Jacob Javits Center for Clinton's bash.

The venues -- which are less than 2 miles apart -- are also getting protection from K-9 and counterterrorism units. More than 24 hours out ... officials are already super strict about who's getting access for party preparations.

Last week the FBI named NYC a possible target for an election eve terrorist attack.

Easy to see why this is the largest election detail the NYPD's deployed -- it's the first time since 1944 both presidential candidates will be in NYC on election night.