Dog the Bounty Hunter I'd Use Truth Serum on Avery & Dassey

11/16/2016 7:14 AM PST

Dog the Bounty Hunter Wants 'Making a Murderer' Convict to Get Truth Serum


Dog the Bounty Hunter has unconventional methods for proving whether or not Steven Avery is worthy of a get out of jail free card like his nephew Brendan Dassey.

Dog was leaving Catch in WeHo Tuesday night, and while Dog's usually the guy forcibly locking people up, he thinks more people like Dassey will be getting out in the future.

However he's not buying Avery's side of the story, and although Dog seems to have some of the details mixed up -- Avery's never confessed to killing Teresa Halbach -- he strongly believes there's a quicker alternative to long drawn-out murder trials.