Mick Jagger Sympathy for the Waiter ... Orders Big, Tips Bigger

11/18/2016 12:20 AM PST

Mick Jagger's Sympathy for the Waiter, He Orders Big & Tips Bigger


Mick Jagger loosens the ol' belt when he's eating out, and doesn't skimp on gratuities ... as the staff at a high-end Chinese joint quickly learned.

Eyewitnesses at Philippe Chow in NYC tell TMZ Mick popped in earlier this week for a quick meal with a crew of 5, plus another car full of security. Mick and his buddies ordered FAT, with starter dishes like lettuce wraps, tuna tartare, chicken satays and green prawns.

Then the real food came ... with an order of Mr. Cheng's Noodles, Peking duck and the restaurant's own Baked Alaska cake for dessert.

We're told Mick and co. were very polite and quick, scarfing down their meal. The craziest part -- Mick left a tip bigger than the $478 bill ... at $500.

"If you try sometimes, you get what you need" ... said the lucky waiter.