T.J. Miller Whip it Good Driver Says Here's Proof T.J. was High

1/7/2017 12:20 AM PST

T.J. Miller's Driver Says Here's the Proof He Rode with Whip-Its!


The driver suing T.J. Miller for getting high and smacking him around might have some visual proof his story's true -- at least the "getting high" part.

TMZ obtained photos of Whip-It! refills the driver claims T.J. left behind. The driver claims in his lawsuit T.J. was super high when he went on a tirade after the 2 got in an argument over Trump.

We broke the story driver Wilson Deon Thomas III claims T.J. was inhaling nitrous oxide from Whip-Its! and became increasingly violent before striking him on his head and shoulder.

The photos show a box of Whip-It! refills and a bunch of empty canisters in the backseat.

However, T.J.'s attorney says the driver's full of it and only trying for a money grab ... he also points out the fact there's no evidence that links Miller to using the empty canisters in the pics.