50 Cent Still Getting Money ... Even from 'Simpsons'

1/12/2017 9:48 AM PST

50 Cent's Taking 'Simpsons' Straight to the Bank


50 Cent's got all his bankruptcy ducks in order -- making regular payments and still making lots of money ... with a little help from "The Simpsons."

The rapper filed his November bank statement as part of his bankruptcy progress report ... showing where the dough's coming and going -- with a total of $113,103.56 going out the door.

The docs also show Fiddy's stream of income ... like a sweet $16.68 residual check from 'Simpsons' for his cameo in a season 16 episode. There's bigger money -- a $33,361.02 music royalty check. However, his G-Unit Records pay was a mere $769.34.

As for what he's paying -- 50's baby mamas -- Daphne Joy and Shaniqua Tompkins -- got $1,267 and $7,497 respectively in child support. He also forked over $5,744.75 for a Bentley, plus $17,917.81 to SunTrust mortgage. You'll recall from the bankruptcy ... he owed SunTrust $4.9 million.

We broke the story, 50 will pay $23 mil over the next 5 years to his creditors.