David Bowie Get His 'Genie' Handwriting If Ya Got an Extra $50,000!

1/28/2017 12:30 AM PST

Get David Bowie's 'Genie' Handwriting for $50k


Anyone can collect David Bowie's music, but you know you're balling if you have the legend's handwritten lyrics ... 'cause it could cost ya $50k!

A year after his death, Bowie's handwritten lyrics to "The Jean Genie" are hitting the auction block. Check out the letter ... penmanship clearly mattered to him, and online auctioneer Paddle8.com is throwing in more than the lyrics for the 1972 hit.

The lot, called Backstage Pass: David Bowie, includes epic pics from the '70s and '80s -- including one with John Lennon -- and a record from Bowie's "Hunky Dory" recording sessions.

Paddle8's estimate of $50k seems about right, considering a 2Pac lyric page went for about $40k.

The online auction starts Monday.