Morena Baccarin My Ex-Hubby Sucks My 'Deadpool' $$$ ... Help Me Out, Judge!

2/4/2017 12:20 AM PST

Morena Baccarin's Tired of Ex-Husband Living Off Her 'Deadpool' Money


Morena Baccarin is fed up with sending huge checks to her ex-husband every month ... and she wants the court to cut her a break.

The "Gotham" and "Deadpool" actress says she's paid Austin Chick $340,088 in spousal support, another $100k from their community estate and $147,302 in "Deadpool" residuals. That's more than half a million dollars since June 2015. 

According to the docs, Morena's been sending Chick more than $20k monthly as a temporary support deal until they hammer out a permanent agreement. She says that's screwing her over, because she'll likely end up paying way less when the case is finalized. She says she's also pissed he's made no effort to get a j-o-b of his own.

Her bottom line: this Chick's overpaid and underworked.

Morena wants the judge to allow her to stop making those fat temporary payments.