T.I. & Tiny Divorce Dead in the Water ... For Now

3/1/2017 10:56 AM PST

T.I. and Tiny's Divorce Dead in the Water ... For Now


T.I. and Tiny are creeping closer to reconciliation -- or at least NO divorce status -- because she forgot to do one very important thing when divorcing someone.

A hearing in the divorce was scheduled Wednesday morning in Georgia, but TMZ has learned the matter was taken off calendar when the court discovered T.I. had never been served with divorce papers. Remember ... Tiny filed way back on Dec. 7.

It's not like she had trouble locating T.I. -- we know they've been together several times in recent months -- including the holiday season. He even admitted they did Valentine's Day together.

At this point, if Tiny wants to move forward, she'll have to file proof T.I. was served.

The lack of progress in court confirms what we've heard from sources close to the couple -- they're just nowhere near getting divorced.