Playboy's Noor Tagouri Gigi Is Not the U.S.'s Muslim Connection

3/7/2017 12:30 AM PST

Playboy's Noor Tagouri Says Gigi Hadid Is Not the Key to U.S. Muslim Relations


The first woman featured in Playboy wearing a hijab says Gigi Hadid can't bridge the Muslim world to the U.S. for one simple reason ... she's not really Muslim. 

We spoke with Noor Tagouri, who appeared in Playboy's October issue -- fully clothed -- and she had her own take on Gigi's veiled cover shot for Vogue Arabia. Unlike Tommy Hilfiger, who thinks Gigi could be an ambassador of sorts ... Noor's not willing to put that kinda pressure on the model. 

Yes, Gigi is half Palestinian, and she marched against Trump's Muslim ban and she has millions of social media followers -- but Noor says that hardly makes her a revolutionary.

However, Noor -- who stars in the Newsy docu-series, "A Woman's Job" -- admits the supermodel could be a powerful voice ... IF she wants to be.

Your move, Gigi.