Louis Tomlinson Battery Case Sent to Prosecutors

3/8/2017 12:40 AM PST

Louis Tomlinson Battery Case Sent to Prosecutors


Louis Tomlinson's fate in the battery investigation now rests with the L.A. City Attorney.

We've learned cops sent the case file to the prosecutor's office Tuesday, and the City Attorney will now review it for possible criminal prosecution.

As we reported, Louis allegedly attacked a paparazzo Friday night at LAX after the singer claimed the pap was harassing his girlfriend. A woman on the scene also claims Louis attacked her.

The City Attorney could file 2 separate misdemeanor batteries, each of which carries a maximum 6-month sentence.

People familiar with the case file say there's a complication with prosecuting Louis. The photog -- Karl Larsen --  was interviewed by Howard Stern a few years back and gloated about his confrontation with Mel Gibson, boasting his plan was to berate Gibson into going nuclear. The video of the incident doesn't show what happened before the confrontation, and the Stern interview could turn the jury.

The strong likelihood ... there will be an informal hearing in the City Attorney's Office where Louis will promise not to do it again. He could be ordered to take a few anger management classes, but that would probably be it.