Kim Richards Gets Softer, But Longer Sentence

3/10/2017 3:32 PM PST

Kim Richards Gets Softer, But Longer Sentence


Kim Richards just got her sentence nearly doubled in her drunken Bev Hills rampage case, and she's actually happy about it.

Kim was ordered on Friday to do 450 hours of community service for her 2015 arrest at the Beverly Hills Hotel. You'll recall she allegedly kicked an officer who responded when she got hammered and unruly in the famed Polo Lounge.

Kim was originally sentenced to 30 days hard labor but as we reported, she begged for a softer sentence due to a foot injury. The D.A.'s Office originally wasn't down to let her off the hook, but is now showing her some mercy.

We're told she must complete the majority of her 450 hours by September, or risk pissing off the judge ... which could open the door to jail time.