'The Dudesons' Jukka Gets Blasted With Tacks, Legos and Cactus!!

3/31/2017 1:50 PM PDT

'The Dudesons' Star Jukka Gets Blasted with Tacks, Toys and CACTUS!


"The Dudesons" star Jukka Hilden took a big shot with a new stunt Friday ... and it's painfully entertaining to watch.

Half of the 4-man stunt group from Finland joined us on "TMZ Live" Friday to show off a new feat of insanity -- using a pressurized t-shirt cannon to fire thumb tacks, Lego parts and chunks of cactus into Jukka's chest (and throat).

We'd like to say this beats getting chomped on by an alligator ... but the jury's still out.