Boosie Badazz Shots Fired At Concert, 2 Injured ... He's 'Kinda Pissed Off'

4/2/2017 10:44 AM PDT

Boosie Badazz Concert Canceled After Shots Fired, 2 Hospitalized

Boosie Badazz's concert ended before it began Saturday night after someone fired off shots ... and he's pissed off for himself and his fans.

Boosie was supposed to headline at Virginia Motorsports Park for the 2nd Annual Spring Fest, but before he could take the stage ... gunfire erupted. The shots created a mass panic, and 2 victims hospitalized with non-lethal injuries. 

Cops from 5 different cities responded, but no suspects were arrested and it's unclear how many shooters were involved.

Boosie isn't taking the news well, and posted a video to share his feelings with fans ... especially the ladies.