Trump Jr. to Kathy Griffin Beheading Pic Is Disgusting But I'm Not Surprised

5/30/2017 1:52 PM PDT

Donald Trump Jr. Calls Kathy Griffin's Decapitation Photo 'Disgusting' But 'Not Surprising'

2:30 PM PT -- Chelsea Clinton's weighed in too, and she's decidedly Team Trump on this one.

Donald Trump Jr. is blasting Kathy Griffin, and all liberals, for her photo op with a bloodied mask of President Trump ... but admits he's not all that shocked.

Don Jr. called the gory Tyler Shields shot of Kathy ... "Disgusting but not surprising. This is the left today. They consider this acceptable."

He also said, "Imagine a conservative did this to Obama as POTUS?"

For her part ... Kathy's not backing down. She borrowed the now infamous Trump quote about Megyn Kelly, saying ... "There was blood coming out of his eyes, blood coming out of his ... wherever."

She added she doesn't condone violence and was merely mocking "the Mocker in Chief."