T.I. My Homies Think They're Usain Bolt ... They're Just Funny

5/30/2017 8:22 AM PDT

T.I. Laughs Ass Off at His Crew's Footrace in Bev Hills Streets


T.I. finally witnessed the showdown that's been building for weeks -- between 2 of his homies -- and it left him laughing his ass off!!

The rapper was leaving Crustacean Sunday in Bev Hills when his crew decided it was time to settle a dispute -- who's the fastest man alive? On tour ... on that particular day ... with T.I.?

Tip -- who's in the middle of his Hustle Gang Tour -- picked the winner, and also worked traffic control. They raced in the middle of the street, after all.

T.I. was laughing, but the loser had to pony up a G!